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WTF:king dedede

2008-10-20 18:35:15 by pfcc15

i was playin brawl of course and i was playin wit 3 computers and wit no items, and i put ramdom king dedede was picke so im playin and if u know king dedede has da ability to throw those things(i forgot wat their called)but he used it so much he threw out a CAPSULE and da capsule popped and it had a SMASH BALL WHILE I HAD NO ITEMS

WTF:king dedede


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2008-10-20 18:55:13

thats wierd
and can u stop talking about brawl in every single post talk about something else like IDK


2008-10-21 00:38:32

that happens :|
sometimes dragoon parts

pfcc15 responds:

yea and then evryone fightin for it


2008-10-21 18:30:02

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2008-10-26 13:40:55

stupid fucking wii's and their damn brawl and having different friend codes for every game -_-