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ssbb:wii remotes or gamecube controls, which one is better

2008-09-27 23:16:05 by pfcc15

im makin a survey about wat u use more in super smash bros brawl and which one is better
a wii remote or gamecube control

on the other hand since im done my comet the hedgehog sprite sheet im now makin his ice form icy comet, my comic has already started and imma be makin flash videos wit windows movie maket


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2008-09-28 12:33:53

i use gamecube controller all the time
cool good luck with ur sprite comic


2008-09-28 18:45:02

here r my 2 thoughts about wiimotes and GC controllers
1.wiimotes r good for people who like to charge there attacks for more damage and for fast characters or spammers
2.GC controllers r good because faster attacks which means a faster kill and good for heavyweight characters like ganondorf and K.dedede bowsr is easier to use w/wiimotes so im saying that wiimotes & GC controllers r even with all players
also i checkout ur artwork for sheezyart my favorite sprite hedgehogs r BlackStain,the electric one, the fire hedgehog,and the green one have there names under each character so people know which is which

(Updated ) pfcc15 responds:

wii remote is better


2008-09-28 19:57:16

Brawl is definably better.
Oh sweet.
Hi, how are you?

pfcc15 responds:

i meant wat do u play wit da most while playin brawl
wii remote or gamecube


2008-09-28 20:46:49

power star is crazy man my favorite is 2


2008-09-29 10:31:58

i use wii remotes when i first started i tried the wii remote and thought i'd never get used to it so i played with gamecube controller but after a wile the wii remote got way easier to use


2008-09-29 16:03:18

wii remote for sure


2008-09-29 17:29:51

u all suck if u use wiimote

pfcc15 responds:

then how come i beat u


2008-09-29 19:23:17

Gamecube controller


2008-09-29 20:35:46

cause i wasn't wolf im gettin back with wolf again :) i was versing 1 of my other friends & his brother i killed them all with wolf but i got a little bored cause im good & i beat u too

pfcc15 responds:

i few times and u spam with wolf


2008-09-30 03:19:44

like hell i dont wolf is a spam character like fox,pit,falco,metaknight,pikachu,wat about olimar,mario,luigi u spam with luigi u keep doin his earthquake move on me,link toon link, amd much more
dammit my batteries r dyin on the wiimote well call when ur ready to play online 2mmorrow dont make fun of me cause how late i stay up im goin to bed now
also i probably got another person in the tournament alright bye
p.s. (in stupid voice) your too slow
hey will u be able to come over later today we can probably try to get the cells in Metroid Prime 3 :alright G'night i probavly took 2 mins off ur life now LAWL


2010-02-25 21:15:51

Wii remote.